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Mobile App

Customized mobile app design

Appkuma mobile app design platform supports a variety of features, fulfills the needs of different businesses.

Push Notification Function

Using push notification to spread your promotion message

Appkuma supports Push Notification function, sending users news feed and offers

O2O Coupon, Limited offer for customer

You can release limited time/amount O2O coupons, attracting your customers to spend more on your physical store or joining functions.

Instant update of content

Instant posts

You can post latest info directly on Appkuma which will be updated on the app instantly. No approval is needed on App store.

Auto-sync Facebook Post

Appkuma automatically sync with your Facebook page, every time you post on your Facebook page, Appkuma will update its news feed too. There is no need to post the same thing two times, saving your time.

Kuma message,
handle customers enquiry with ease

Reply Multiple customers at anytime

Kuma message allows you to chat and reply various customers simultaneously.

No hassle to manage bank transfer slips

If payment is done via bank transfer, customers can upload to Kuma message system directly. The shop owners can save time to verify the records via WhatsApp.

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